Sunday, 5 July 2009


It was a glorious sunny day on Saturday if somewhat muggy and I had three lovely ladies from my workshop group come round to paint in the garden for the afternoon. I had plans to offer them three alternatives as subjects from botanical study of a flower of their choice to a more architectural piece selected from such things as the archway, the summer house, the water feature, lovers statue, pond etc. In addition I thought I'd suggest they try something we have not done in the 16 months or so we have been meeting since the first workshop and that was figure drawing.

For some reason, I mentioned the figure drawing first, saying I had large rolls of coloured sketch paper and a good supply of charcoal, chalk, conte and pastels. It was snapped up as our subject. So out came three of my easels (having to carry the studio easel between us it was so heavy and large), backing boards, paper and drawing equipment. ... and the model ? - who else but lazy me. I sat under the large orange umbrella and read a book with my feet stretched out in front of me on our long garden lounger and managed to stay still for 15 whole minutes.

Before we got started I made us all a large pimms with lots of strawberries, cucumber, orange slice and mint, to try to cool us down but the ice melted immediately so I went and got a dish full from the freezer to top up with. Here they are at work, having found some shade from the shrubs and trees around the edges of the rather sad and dry lawn.

Here are some results of a second pose later in the afternoon - when I remembered to take photos!! All very different approach and use of materials.
We've decided that we enjoyed ourselves so much we would have a full day workshop on figure drawing in September when everyone can take a 15 minutes model turn. Meanwhile we finished with afternoon tea comprising Maggies lovely fresh scones, cream and jam.
Then I had a lovely evening with Clive as we went to a beautiful venue called Plantation Garden made in an old quarry on the outskirts of Norwich city, where Sandra was playing (double base) with her 3 piece jazz group. We took a bottle of rose wine and a box of strawberries to see us through the evening. Delightful.


Margaret Ann said...

How delightful to have freinds to paint with...What a fabulous day too...If I only lived a wee bit closer...LOL :)

RHCarpenter said...

Oh, I agree - artist friends to come by and a lovely garden to share plus a free model :) Sounds like a wonderful day all around!

Anita Davies said...

Oh Joannie, I wish I could have been there with you....the figure drawing had me until you mentioned Pimms....Then I was truly sold! LOL!

Claudia said...

It seems you had a perfect day, Joan! I would have loved to join you for the cream tea! (I like it so much - when we were in England, I walked miles to stop at a nice place to have cream tea (with clotted cream and fresh strawberry jam)!
P.S. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments!

debwardart said...

Hi Joan, haven't checked up on your blog lately - you have been quite busy! Love your new paintings of the towers - what an interesting concept! And love your description of the day in your garden. If I was closer I'd volunteer to be your model (lounging in a comfy chair in the shade of an umbrella reading and sipping something cold while eating scones - it doesn't get any better than that - just not sure what a "Pimms" is, but except for the cucumber, sounds fine to me!)

Robert A Vollrath said...

What a wonderful day. I love all my artist friends near or far and I can imagine what a joy that day was for you.