Wednesday, 3 September 2008


The following day after our visit to Ely we went to Peter Scott's Lighthouse, where as a suprise we found there was a small exhibition of some of his wild life paintings and drawings. After a tour of the downstairs of the lighthouse with the lovely owner lady who had lived there for 25 years, I went outside down by the pond and took some photos.

Then we went down across the encircling pathway to sketch the lighthouse high above the pond. When I got home I sketched the line of birds from one of the photos, as we did not have time whilst there as Anita had to get back to St Matthews in Sutton Bridge to collect some work she had exhibited there.
Its well worth enlarging the image as both pieces seem very light in the above despite changing not only resolution but saturation and contrast before scanning and posting.... but this could be because both were sketched in my moleskin book which doesnt seem to take watercolours well despite using Anita's Daniel Smith watercolours - she kindly presented me with a palette of squeezed colours to try. Thanks pal loved them .


Anita Davies said...

You're welcome hun!
Had a wonderful time with you, as always it was hectic and fun!!!
Check out Vans sketches on Flickr, he's using watercolour in a moleskine with great success:
I'm guessing the success is due to use of very strong mixes and little water but he has also kept them fluid in appearance, so who knows?
His results are awesome though, knew you'd wanna peek.

Lottery Girl said...


Do you have any advice on the purchase of pastels? My youngest (age 14) is quite artistic and is interested in getting some chalk pastels (not the oils). I see they run from quite cheap to outrageous, but one of my friends said not to get the cheap ones as they are nearly worthless. What is your opinion?

Robert A Vollrath said...

Beautiful work. I must get back to watercolors someday. I love sketch book art. Such a joy of drawing.