Friday, 5 September 2008


First let me tell you how busy I have been this morning editing my blog by going through the posts and consolidating labels and then - clever me - I added the list of label links to my 'home page'. Ive been a blogger since January this year and learning all the time what you can do with it.
Corner of Anita's studio with our acrylic efforts en plain aire at the Old Palace Ely, both of which need a little more work - oh! yes and my lovely little automatic Astra I go everywhere in parked up outside.

Anyway this post is about my lovely visit to Anita's last week, as well as three consecutive days out painting(already posted the Ely and Peter Scott Lighthouse trips - yet to scan what I did at the wonderful Barnstable Gardens in Rutland) we were mad enough to sketch late into the night at Anita's lovely Fenland home. So here are a couple of my efforts from my moleskin sketchbook!!!!

1 2

1 Another corner in the studio
2 The charming fireplace with figures and ornate mirror in the lounge


caseytoussaint said...

Sounds like a great day, and your sketches are wonderful as usual. Thanks for the view of Anita's studio - it looks like a wonderful place to work!
It sounds as though you can do much more with your blog than I with mine - I must sit down and figure out how it works one of these days!

Lottery Girl said...

Dear Joan,

LOVE these sketches! The Victorian fireplace is terrific. Believe it or not, my fireplace is going right now as it is already cold here in the mountains!

Anyway, thanks for your response to my pastel question on my blog. No, I'm sorry to say I did not catch the response you wrote on your blog. (WHY do these silly things have glitches?) Your response is quite helpful, and the part about the cheap ones being too hard makes sense. My daughter has drawn for her own pleasure her entire life, so I think I may get her a nicer set of pastels for Christmas, as I do not think it will be a passing fancy for her. She especially loves to draw people.

Thanks for your help!

Anita Davies said...

God we were busy weren't we!
Love what you did with my fireplace and corner of the studio with the rattan drawers, your moleskine is moving along very nicely Joannie!