Friday, 19 September 2008


Tomorrow afternoon I am expecting 6 of the regular members of the monthly workshop to join me for the afternoon to sketch or paint in my garden. Its been a glorious day today and is promised for tomorrow as well - so lucky. .. so I thought Id have a little dabble in the garden on my own today and take advantage of this sunshine we have hardly seen this summer in England . Tutor must always practice what she expects her students to achieve!!!!

So I played with the large hydrangea bush thats been in bloom all summer and selected three blooms and sketched them in my beautiful hand made sketchbook in readiness for adding colour tomorrow 'cos I might be busy with my visitors and it could be a little demonstration of how not to be precious when adding colour!!
The second piece, which proved quite difficult for the angle I chose eventually had the sun blazing right into my eyes, was a graphite and sepia pen sketch of the figures in my water feature, which when turned on has water pouring over the top of the umbrella down over the figures. Afraid the little girls face turned out too grown up and the umbrella looks too small!!! Well, we have to show our mistakes as well as our successes dont we??
Just noticed my visitor counter !! and cant believe I am nearly up to 2000 visits since I opened my blog in January this year. Thank you all for your support.


Lottery Girl said...

I LOVE the children beneath the umbrella--very sweet. Reminds me just a bit of the Hummel (spelling?) figurines, which are my favorites.

Kari Gibson said...

Oh, looking forward to seeing the hydrangea painting - my neighbour has a lovely specimen and I have been eyeing it up for painting. Did you know the heads dry beautifully and are also quite good for still life?

Anita Davies said...

Wishing you a lovely, sunny, afternoon Joannie and looking fwd to seeing the colour on your sketch.

Margaret Ann said...

I am also anxious to see the completed hydrangea...Such a nostalgic yet perky flower...just love them!:) Enjoy your workshop regulars! I am sure they will have a ball! :)

Robert A Vollrath said...

Posts like this one remind me why yours is my favorite blog. I love mistakes in art, little umbrellas and older faces. Without mistakes there is no fun in art.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. As you can tell from today's post it was a great afternoon.

Had a good laugh at your ref to my errors Robert - nicely said.

Nice to meet you Kari - Ive posted a comment on your own blog.

Sent you an email Margaret as had problem posting a comment on your blog this morning.

Afraid delay in colouring the hydrangea sketch. They are beginning to dry out and change colour so I had better not leave it too long.