Monday, 29 September 2008


I worked on the acrylic vase painting yesterday afternoon. Enjoyed using thin glazes on the vase to bring out the tonal detail on the china by mixing the main colours ie the Amsterdam Naphthol red light and Finity Ultramarine and Quin violet. Then added the delightful bluey purples to the flowers and the birds on the vase. The blue round the neck is too strong at the moment but long way to go yet - keep layering Joannie. Little hints of yellow you can just see are the base for what will be gold leaf.


Before finishing that session I added the blues to the first layer of white gesso flowers. Not sure if I will add green leaves - dont really want to add a new colour to my palette.. they might have to end up various tones of blue mixes.


Robert A Vollrath said...

Love the blue detail in the center of the vase.

Lottery Girl said...

This is turning out so beautifully! Already am loving the color combo of the blue with the salmon.

Kari Gibson said...

These are coming along nicely! They look like great fun to do. Hmm, vases are jugs without the lip, aren't they and besides, all hold flowers perfectly well.

Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks to you all for your support and encouragement. Having your comments has now become an essential part of the development of each new piece.
Robert I'm now planning to add a pearl glaze over the top of the vase - will be interesting to see the difference it makes.
Yes they are great fun Kari - been searching my materials store for some gold leaf for the handles and little touches. Have to order some more and found a great bargain at Bromleys for 10 chunky 12 x 24 inch canvas at only £30!!! Do you want to share them Anita???

I wonder Lottery girl (do tell me your real name) how the reverse colours will work with the second in the pair of vase paintings.

Anita Davies said...

I'll share Joannie, go ahead an order my friend...lovely size!
These vases are going to be wonderful, the detailing looks fantastic with your sculptured technique.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks pal - I've emailed you re the canvases. The flowers have changed radically. Will be posting after Ive added the gilt touches to the handles.