Wednesday, 15 October 2008


This vase has a Japanese image and flowers all over and is a delight to try to create. It was photo'd on the windowsill with a corner window behind. With the first vase I created a burnt orange background to pick up the fact that as you looked out the window you only saw red brick or tiles. This time there is a blurr of foliage and sky so its a reverse in colours to the first vase I created for the Sue Ryder Exhibition.

I only drew it up Monday and could not wait to get down to the colour and detail. I have photo'd some of today's stages for you. As before, not sure how it will take me.

1 getting the background worked in with the flower shapes
2 close up of the figures I added on top of a layer of thick primer

Then before finishing for the day, I brushed in some lively lilies in the same colour I had used for the Japanese ladies' gowns.

Looks lop sided - hope its the photography and not my artwork!!!! Not always happy using photos but I could never have sat on the staircase in the Palace to paint them!!. .. but my references are not that clear so taking images from various angled photos which in some cases look bronzy and others a pearl like background. Wish me luck??


Anita Davies said...

Looking fabulous already Joan. Love those little oriental figures.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Anita - Im so excited about this one. I think its the Japanese figures that delight me - maybe thats my next direction after this last year of attending life drawing group weekly.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I've always liked Japanese art. I look forward to seeing the finished painting.