Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Rhonda Carpenter and Vicki Greene kindly honoured me with this award the other day, but its taken me some time to work on 7 other artists to receive it from me and think what I would say are my 7 favourite things.

Firstly I could not add Vicki (http://vickigreene.blogspot.com/ ) nor
Angela Shogren (http://angelashogren.blogspot.com/) both of whom I found recently as they were both in Rhonda's list!! but do go over and take a peep. I tell you they're well worth it.

Now to my listing - I know a number of them are so professional and well visited and thought of that they might find an award like coals to Newcastle (English saying meaning sending things they already have in abundance!) but I love their work and blogs so much I simply could not leave them out:

1 Sandy (http://sandymaudlin.blogspot.com/) lots of her posts give the process of her wonderful work and the teachings are so helpful. She introduced me to YUPO amongst other things.

2 Margaret (http://waterblossoms.blogspot.com/) not only is her work outstanding but she adds quotations and poems to her posts. Delightful.

3 Robyn (http://havedogswilltravel.blogspot.com/) Robyn is an Australian who went to Italy for a visit and stayed (dont blame her seeing she now lives in wonderful Tuscany).

These next few are newer blogs to me but have fallen in love with all their work and so glad I found them:

4 Jacqueline (http://jacquelinegnot.blogspot.com/) her blog is called Contemporary Realism and that is just what you get - gobsmacking beautiful watercolour flower studies.

5 Carol (http://watercolourcarol.blogspot.com/ ) amazing use of watercolours - and those naughty lady swimmers!

6 Cathy (http://asketchintime.blogspot.com/) Cathy is in South Africa and creates stunningly bright local sketches with amazing people.

Last but not least - in fact first in my book

7 ANITA (http://artbyanita.blogspot.com)/ my best pal, who introduced me to blogging and set me up just over a year ago. A true teacher, full of inspiration and the quickest sketcher in the business!

Thats it folks - I'll send my 7 favourite things in another post some time soon.


Vicki Greene said...

Since you received the award from Rhonda and myself that must mean that you have an extra loved blog. You gave a great list too!

Robyn said...

Thank you, Joan how lovely to be included. I will look forward to visiting those of your favourites I don't already know.

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks Joannie...this coming from you delights me so...wonderful! :)

Thanks for the amazing links...what beautiful sites indeed! :)

Sandy Maudlin said...

Thanks, Joan, for thinking of me. I look forward to reading your list soon and like the sunflower design you posted today. Have a wonderful weekend, too.

Anita Davies said...

Thank you Joannie! :D