Tuesday, 3 February 2009


As you all know, I love painting flowers and then zentangles came along and I slowly (or quickly depending how long two months is to art development!) shifted early graphite patterns into floral coloured versions. Talking with Anita the other day (as usual on the phone for at least an hour!) we talked about the Eastern Open this year which is celebrating their 40th anniversary. I didnt enter last year, but had a piece accepted back both in 2006 and 2007 ... but did not sell them.
So we discussed the idea of using my zentangle imagination to create a pair of canvas pieces to enter, as they definitely like to see more modern pieces than straightforward representation work. The selectors this year are from Kentucky Museum, Tate Liverpool, Norfolk and Norwich Visual Arts Festival and the magazine Galleries features Editor.

So yesterday I dug out two box canvases 16" x 16" from my store and started!!! Well before I knew it I was back to tulips as my last zentangle with Channais I posted recently. Then the thought came into my head about the connection with Amsterdam and the tulip fields. We spent a few days in Amsterdam one time when we visited our son and family and I took lots of photos by the canals as well as attending their 15 year Floriade . The photos are on my huge back up system, so chose a few to give me ideas of the special Dutch building designs to put in the background.
Stage one thin watered down acrylic washes

Stage two where I've added some background shapes of Dutch architecture and reflections on the left, canal boat, windmill and even a swing bridge (a la van Gogh) on the yellow vase shape.
Dont know where it will eventually lead me but I have a base to play with.


RHCarpenter said...

Great idea to incorporate your Zentangle ideas into your paintings for this - I like where this is going so far, Joan. Being in Kentucky, I'm curious about the Kentucky Museum? Is that just the name of a museum there locally?

Robert A Vollrath said...

This is a wonderful direction for your art. My favorite paintings are a mix of abstract and reality.

I love all the Zentangles you have posted and hope this painting is the start of a series of paintings.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Rhonda - the entry info states as one of the selectors :
Brion Clinkingbeard
Deputy Director of Programming
Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft
Robert - I am sure having fun today adding layers to the tulips and building reflections and at this rate I am sure it will become my main 2009 output, apart from the commissioned local scenery work.

Anita said...

OOH I shall be watching this!

Sandy Maudlin said...

I;m watching, too, and loving the creativeness and spontaniety that's happening. keep going!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Anita and Sandy - have I been having fun this afternoon developing this piece. If I hadnt promised Clive Id cook dinner tonight (should have started half hour ago) I'd be posting the latest stage now - but you've got to wait until tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooh I really like that. I'd never have thought to put an architectural landscape behind a close up of flowers like that, and I love the angle. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!