Friday, 21 August 2009


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acrylic on 16" x 16" box canvas

Well, here it is completed. Although in time for hanging tomorrow morning , my friend Brian is not available until Tuesday morning and I need him as the painting has to be hung with mirror plates onto stone walls in the pub.

Clive (my husband) feels the shadow of the front boat bottom left is too dark, but I wanted to give a strong contrast to the boat and area where the two most dominant ducks are located. He also feels the other birds can hardly be seen and I advised him that not everything needs to be dominant and its good for the viewer to have to look around to find additional interest - I already have too many points of focus anyway. Let me have your opinion please.

Its a rather belated replacement for the following piece that sold a little while ago also about the Pub location and birds. (I'm having a problem downloading this image so will post and then edit).

It still won't let me download another image, so may I suggest you go via the river link on the left list of labels and scan down to 4th March . Then you will see the Pub building and lots of Egyptian geese with no boats, so I am pleased to say the works are completely different.


shicat said...

Hi Joan, In my humble opinion, I agree with you. Hope it doesn't cause a feud;) I like the shadow from the boat and it doesn't seem to dark, as for the ducks,the ducks in the back seem good. Although who am I to be commenting on your work? I enjoy the painting it is adorable.

Anita Davies said...

Congratulations on the sale my friend.
I like the dark shadow, it helps to groound the painting...sorry Clive ;)

Robert A Vollrath said...

I love this picture just the way it is.