Saturday, 1 August 2009


Realised I have not posted any of the floral sketches from my garden of late. Then checking my sketchbook I did not do one in June, so here's Julys effort. I brought two hostas in pots with me when we moved and planted them in the garden. One is thriving and the other eaten by slugs, but recently found an organic slug pellet that does not harm pets, so I have hopes. Anyway, Here's my effort of the full clump and a rather enlarged version of one of the blooms.

My two youngest grand daughters arrive tomorrow morning to stay until Thursday afternoon - so I have my doubts I will be blogging for a few days to come!! Plan, weather permitting, to take them to an adventure park called Bewilderwood and have another day on the pier at Cromer catching crabs. As Laura (my daughter and their mum) said after we paid a fortune for food at the Sandringham Craft Fair recently, 'take picnics' mum. .. so went shopping yesterday for lots of goodies. Will be taking my new glorious Panasonic Lumex camera with me to both days, as you can create 15 mins of video as well as stills. What fun I shall have.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Wonderful sketches. Enjoy your little ones. My two granddaughters are here for one more week, too. ENJOY!

Angela said...

Sounds like so much fun! Your daughter's right - picnics are definitely the way to go!

These are lovely sketches - I think the droop to hosta flowers makes them so fun to paint.