Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Last week I went over to my daughters for three days so that we could take the girls to the Long Sutton wild Life Park for the day where they have a butterfly house, iguanas, snakes, terapins, spiders and ant houses, and birds of prey with flight demonstrations.

I enjoyed the butterfly house and tried to photo the butterflies flying all around us amongst the tropical foliage. I am quite proud of these 4 images I am posting which I took with my new Panasonic Lumex camera. Afraid I have no idea what any of them are called, as the children were in such a hurry to get on to see the tarantullas (!) and we never got back to see the information board naming all the butterflies as there is so much to do here!!
please click image to enlarge to see the sharp image of his feet
click to enlarge for detail

afraid this one is a bit blurred when you enlarge
amazing how many colours you see when you enlarge

We saw one of the flying displays with the American Bald Eagle, a rather fun looking Bush Baby owl and a falcon. Had a picnic lunch and then walked round the enclosures where there were llama, ostrich, water buffalo and domestic animals. It was a remarkably hot day and by 4 o'clock after a quick visit to the shop, made our way home in our very necessary air conditioned car.

Here are some other images, which you will recognise. I think I am getting used to my new camera now.

you can even see his eyelashes in detail when you enlarge
his sharp scaly skin is amazing on enlarging

well worth enlarging these two as well for detail
I waited ages for this little finch to show himself coming out of their little nest being encouraged by his mum. The bald Eagle flew round for ages up on the thermals before getting closer and coming in to land.
Hope you enjoyed this little trip with us and the excellence of this new camera for sharp detail.


debwardart said...

These photos are phenomenal in detail! Looking forward to some amazing paintings of these critters!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Love the photos. Butterflies and moths are such real life magical creatures as there transformation from caterpillar to winged creature is one of natures greatest magic acts in the universe.

Judybec said...

Beautiful photos! great catch on the finches!!!!

Azura said...

Butterflies are looking so cute and beautiful... I appreciate the picture quality of your camera!!

Margaret Ann said...

OOOOH MY! Spectacular butterflies...(You know that I am so attracted to the black and white ones...they reminded me of nature's zentangles)...LOL :)