Monday, 17 August 2009


Having sold one of my river scenes at the local pub, I had to fit in painting a replacement but was so busy with other deadlines it has been a few weeks before I got round to it. I chose some images of boats moored up on the common with the Rising Sun and other buildings in the background.

Thought you'd like to see its progression:

This is the first blocking in layer after deciding on the main composition.
This shows me adding ducks on the common, adjusting the treeline, adding colour to the buildings and adjusting the shadow side of the nearest boat.
This is how it appeared after a session yesterday afternoon, when I added a lighter blue/white mix glaze to the water and worked on the grass, put last layer on the sky, windows to the buildings, reflection of the back of the second boat and added shadows for the two boats, posts and ducks. Seeing the lack of tonal contrast I need to brighten the sunny area of the grass.
I am hoping to work on it this afternoon and tomorrow morning before I go off to my daughters so that we can take the girls to the Wild Life park in Lincolnshire on Wednesday and I can use my new camera in the butterfly house. The children have promised not to push me into the ant house or the house that has - of all dreadful things - tarantullas! Its a wonderful place with flight demonstrations of their lovely birds from owls to eagles. I have often taken visitors as its a great day's outing, including tea rooms and childrens play area with fort and, yes those amazing zip wires again for the girls to enjoy.
Hoping to get painting completed so that my pal Brian can hang the finished work on Friday morning for me. Deadlines, deadlines thats all I seem to give myself, but it sure makes one get on with it!!!!


Vicki Greene said...

Congratulations on the sell. It is nice to see the progression of this one and yes deadlines do make us push a bit harder.

Robert A Vollrath said...

It's been a long time since I sold a painting. It's such a great feeling.