Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Cant believe its Wednesday already and I have not added a post since Saturday's workshop. Been busy busy arranging /collecting prints, greetings cards, framing for various galleries and events coming up.

Although I have managed to do the drawing of a large oil of an 'extinct' mill near by (have been given three early 19 hundred's photos to create it from - 2 above) I have as yet not been able to settle down to do the underpainting. Looking at the drawing above I think I might add another tree on the right but its difficult deciding on an interesting composition from two different angled references but I definitely wanted to add the bank and trees on the right. Maybe today's the day as I am home all day apart from walk to the village centre for bits and pieces.


Sandy said...

What a lovely old mill and an interesting project. I do enjoy seeing and 'hearing' your approach and hope you continue to show us the procedure!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Sandy. Does your comment mean you have been popping from time to time in the past? I have been a good girl and photoing my progression of the mill oil painting all day. Had break for lunch and dinner (which my husband Clive cooked for us) and now he is watching football I am back in my den but checking out blogs and emails. I'll add a new post in a minute to show its progress.