Monday, 14 April 2008


Today I had hoped I would be posting photo images from my trip to Felbrigg Hall National Trust property in North Norfolk - but my 1GB Sony stick is playing up. I can see the images in my camera but they wont load onto the harddrive - says the stick cannot be formatted but I used it in south Africa so I dont know why. I'll have to visit again soon and take my sketching equipment with me instead now I know what interested me. In particular were the exceptional large brasses in the church which I understand are 13th century and I also loved the large walled garden with dovecote.
So instead I decided to show you two floral paintings I did for the Society of Floral Painters, which in a roundabout way are the reasons for my trip to Cromer. They were initially accepted but when hung under the glaring spotlights it was seen that the screws for the D rings had penetrated (very slightly) the surface of the frame so had to be rejected. I enjoyed working on them from my garden and had the idea of surrounding the studies with these lozenge shapes to add close up detail of the plants.
Ive had the framed paintings in my lounge ever since (despite the 'mark' which could not be spotted when viewed on the wall) and recently as part of my plan to find new outlets for my work now I have moved to Norfolk, gallery owners visited me who asked me to have some greetings cards made of these two studies for their gallery in Cromer. That was the main reason for my trip to Cromer last Saturday to deliver them, so I took the opportunity to stay with friends overnight to visit Felbrigg on the Sunday morning together just 3 miles from their home. A lovely weekend with suprisingly different aspects and the opportunity to show you some of my more botanical style watercolours.


Robert A Vollrath said...

The beauty of your art in all its different forms is like a gift for my eyes. These plants have a wonderful flow to them. Your text this time out
has both the struggle and the joy of creating art. You have a natural talent for doing an art blog.

Serena said...

These are so delicate and pretty....and would certainly make beautiful greetings cards.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Robert you make the most supportive comments. I knew blogging would suit me as I love to 'natter' physically and in print. As I'm a touch typist from many years ago (something you never lose) words just flow out of me!!!

Thanks Serena - The gallery owners certainly had an eye to pick these out for cards.

caseytoussaint said...

These are really lovely - you have a very individual style. Why not make your own greeting cards out of them?

Robyn said...

I always love your botanical watercolours, Joan and these are no exception. The passion fruit is gorgeous.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Casey and Robyn. I normally produce my own greetings cards in Corel Draw to sell alongside my work at shows/exhibitions, but as they were asked for by this gallery I thought I ought to use a 'professional' printer this time round. Mind you profit is less!!