Wednesday, 30 April 2008


These first three images were from last week (the afternoon before I hurt my back) and I had to wait to see our new model at Foxley Studios to get permission to post them. All done in my lovely smooth hard backed sketch book 12 x 8 inches using pen and a little wash and charcoal pencil.

These next three are from this week. She is a great model - only trouble I was a bit late this week having driven up from my daughters and she was doing some early 2 mins poses - yes just two minutes!!!! but Ive posted those she held for 10 tor 20 mins later in the session. Also done in pen with inktense greys/charcoals and a little water and a began to use a touch of inktense red for the middle one but didnt have time to take it any further.


Shirley said...

These are all lovely Joan. What do you use to establish your first lines? Charcoal pencil, or pen, or a washable graphite pen?

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

It all depends Shirley - on many things. I have a large zip up case holding numerous pens, graphite pencils, charcoal, brushes, water brushes, and grab from my bag tins of watercolour pencils, watercolours, inktense and even small pot of pastels. As I decided to use a new sketch book for our new model last week, I started quiety with the early 2 minute sketches using just a normal lead pencil. The 10 minute ones were started with a fine 0.5 Hi Tec point water soluble pen. Then I scribbled a little with the pen and blended from the lines with a water brush. In some cases I added tone with a charcoal pencil and blended with my finger or added cross hatching with the pen over the top. In some cases I added colour with Inktense pencils. When I work larger on sheets of paper, I usually start with pastel pencil, block in colour - usually only 3 tones - from white (when using coloured paper) conte and black. Other times I use 3 skin colours. So I have no set pattern - simply enjoy myself and grap anything I have laid out in front of me!!! Next week I shall probably take in a watercolour pad and draw straight with the brush.