Friday, 18 April 2008


quick sketch from the roadside over stone wall showing 2 of the 5 clerestory windows.

New floor tiling in the chancery

St Nicholas statue

Yesterday I went to the framers to collect my 3 oil paintings - very pleased with result - all the same to make united hanging with the frame like a gunmetal grey with hints of dark purple, smooth slightly curved. I then went onto Wells next the Sea to see my contemporary textured floral works hanging in the gallery there. Absolutely delighted as they (all 7) were in the main gallery room hung with my special price cards depicting the raison d'etre for their creation, such as ' ORCHIDS ON NUTMEG - The second in the spice series came from a white orchid plant given to me by an artist friend. Nutmeg inspired the background colours and little touches of lime and apricot break the quiet mood and keep in touch with the culinary theme.' I think it makes the price tag more interesting - dont you?

My images posted above were due to a quick visit to the town parish church of St Nicholas. Cant say the sketch of part of the outside was very good - but then that wall borders the A149 main road!! Pleased with the St Nicholas statue - patron saint of fishermen. The new floor tiling was a delightful design and full of colour and only laid in more recent times. Made a complete change from all the oil painting Ive been doing lately.


Robert A Vollrath said...

Love the sketches. So much fun reading your blog.

caseytoussaint said...

Beautiful, colorful sketches. What a great idea to draw the floor tiles. I often admire the floors in cathedrals and castles, but I've never thought to draw them before.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Robert and Casey. I did enjoy my afternoon there all by myself. Afterwards I treated myself to a hot chocolate and carrot cake in one of the many little tearooms in Wells, managing to sit under an awning out of the wind but with the sun streaming through. Then I drove the 35 miles home through country lanes. Thanks for your support.

Anonymous said...

These are great sketches - especially love the floor tiles! Because of my decades of quilting I am forever photogrpahing floor tiles and sketching designs I just love.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hi Shirley - it was great to hear from you . Ive been peeping in at your work from time to time on your website but as its not a blog there's no place to add a comment. So I'll say it here - great fish design at the Ukranian Inst and the Tibetan fish - loved them being outside the box. Giraffe and rhino have such character to their faces. Nudes great, rooster and jellycat great - I could go on and on with my praise. Take a look visitors to my blog. Meanwhile, glad you liked the idea of the tiled floor - it was so fresh and bright in the sunlight coming through the windows, I was 'drawn' to it!!!!