Sunday, 4 May 2008


As this months workshop coincided with one of our many Bank Holiday weekends in England, we werent expecting many to come so the ladies who were planning to attend asked if we could do flowers . Right up my street. Before leaving home I walked round the garden and collected a selection of leaves and flowers to go with a bunch of yellow lilies I had bought when shopping on Friday. So I'll post a few examples of work that went on during the day.
As our previous workshops had been basically on drawing skills, we needed to spend most of the morning learning more about watercolour techniques. These colour squares were the first exercise to show how colours re-acted layed on top of each other on the page rather than mixing the three primaries they chose in the palette which creates a neutral. It was a great exercise in colour mixing using the three chosen primaries layered in different order.
We then moved onto putting these skills into practice with selected leaves. First they tried wet on wet and then added detail once dried. Then tried various other ways to interpret the leaf.

Before breaking for lunch we had some playschool fun by wetting a full sheet of watercolour and dropping in three chosen colours, splattering and tipping, then adding salt. They were left to dry during our break with the idea of looking for floral and leaf shapes in the blended colours and painting negatively around them. But it never happened as they were all keen to get on with a full flower study - so that became their 'homework'!

I only took photos of the drawing stage, as we all got so involved and committed to preparing the correct colours for the layers and searching for the various tones. .. I forgot to photo the finished pieces. Sorry. I think they went home realising that floral painting is not so easy - a genre all its own and much to be admired.


Anita Davies said...

Another success by the look of the photos Joan.

theysaywordscanbleed said...

nice work.

Silverdale flowers

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for checking out my workshop posting Anita - I think the few that attended really learnt a lot not just about flowers but how to mix colours and think about how they re-act with each other on the page.

Im so excited - Ive found a poet and cant wait to find time to read through your postings 'theysaywordscan bleed' - sorry didnt pick up on your name but thanks for popping in and making a comment.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Oops just seen you signed off your comment as Arlene - nice to meet you.

Lottery Girl said...

Just left a comment on your other blog--your art work is gorgeous. Really brightened my morning!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hello Lottery girl. Ive responded to your comment in my gallery blog - but happily repeat how good it is in this day and age to find someone who loves being a mum. Thanks for your kind words. It might inspire me to add more to the gallery now. The counter system on both blogs went haywire, but I would hope I have had more then 10 people visit the gallery.

Serena said...

It sounds like it was a fun and informative workshop, Joan. Nice pics and I loved the idea of funtime by playing with wetted down paper.