Thursday, 8 May 2008


OOPS I'VE MADE A TYPICAL JOANNIE ERROR HERE - I've posted all the images and text re my last life drawing session in MY GALLERY BLOG because I was working on this earlier. Dont know how to move it across to here so ...... would you mind clicking on the LINK on the RIGHT and taking a peep in THE GALLERY - thats if you want. !!!!!! I just know the kind of comments I'm going to get this time - 'what a twerp' 'how can she be so useless' and for those kindly souls ' well Joannie this is how you transfer it all... ' ... but heres a little taster


E-J said...

Do you mean the link on the right? Hehe ... It must be the heat, Joan. It's doing silly things to me too! :)

You did excellently using watercolour for such short poses, but I really LOVE the two 15-minute ones.

caseytoussaint said...

These are wonderful, Joan.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Emma - Ive corrected the L to R. .. and theres me agreeing in your latest posting that you might be the idiot working in the hot sun on bright reflective white paper!!!!! I must admit I really enjoyed the freedom of working with a brush - its so quick - and you cant tell how accurate or not it is never having met our lovely model!!!!! but I think Ive captured the 'feel' of her elegance.

Thanks Cassey for taking the trouble to go to the gallery and commenting on my watercolour figure work. Im not sure the counter there has been working so played with it and maybe the numbers will start going up now.