Wednesday, 21 May 2008

THIS WEEK'S LIFE SESSION with Derwent Wash pencils

All these sketches this week were drawn with a new set of Derwent sketching wash pencils. I have a lovely set in a silver metal tin, with two light wash, two medium and 2 dark wash. The tin comes supplied with a sharpener and I obtained all this for around £5 from a special offer I think from the SAA (been ordering lately from them and Ken Bromley so not sure). I used my waterbrush to bleed out the graphite for shading and as you can see the dark wash came in handy for Claire's beautiful hair. They were either 10 or 15 minute poses so although I spotted lines that needed correcting I did not have time to put right.
Oops I seem to have made her right foot rather large!
Ran out of paper on my pad with this lovely twist and legs look a bit narrow.
Shape of face not correct.
It was the feeling of leaning with this one I wanted to capture so not worried about not completing the legs.


caseytoussaint said...

Lovely work, Joan!
I love working with the Derwent sketching pencils too, although it takes a little getting used to - at first the washes seemed terrifyingly dark and permanent to me!
These are beautifully elegant - I think my favorite is the top one, the composition is just right.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks Casey - I found an autobalance button in my system which helped with the clarity of image , so they look fresher than previous life class study posts Ive photographed back home from my sketch pad. Agree the Derwent sketching pencils were great to use and look forward to getting them out again soon.