Friday, 9 May 2008


On the way home from Laura's I stopped off at Oxborough and visited the church, which although a ruin is still partly used as the village church. The early spire of this perpendicular church was destroyed by lightening and replaced - only to last 70 years to 1948 when it brought down the tower and roof. The surviving chancel is the current church.
The 6 foot brass lectern inscribed with the donor's name (John Kypping who died in 1498.)
This double spread is of the north aisel on the left still roofed but the arcading open - leading down to the doorway into the chancel which is big enough to now use as the village church.
Oxborough, south of Swaffham, is well worth a visit not only for the church but the fort like Oxborough Hall.


Anita Davies said...

Great sketches Joan, brave you to sketch all those arches!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Doubt whether they are accurate though Anita. Just used 3 horizontal lines converging for perspective and hoped for the best when I did the archways getting closer as I went away. I know the shadows went wrong inside the arcade - shame because they were quite a stunning feature.