Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Had a lazy day in the garden under my lovely new parasole on Sunday - so took opportunity to sketch a couple of views of my garden showing some of the newly planted pots and half water barrel. The little tree like bird bath is not used mainly because we have two cats and secondly because we have a much larger bird bath - ( which I must sketch one day with a little boy and girl hugging each other under an umbrella and when we switch on the power water spouts out the top of the brollie and pours down all around them).

The half barrel is on wooden steps leading down to a small pond with these large lights leading down from the patio among rocks and plants. This double spread sketch gives an idea. In the barrel are 3 different fuschia, a geranium, some nasturtiums and dark blue lobelia. Ive pack it quite tight and added a few other little hanging plants I cant remember the name of!!! What a gardener???


Robert A Vollrath said...

Nice drawings. I like it when bloggers show little windows into their life with art.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Thanks for popping in Robert. Now my visitor has gone and we've postponed our Norfolk Open Studios tour until tomorrow due to heavy rain today - I must pop over to see what you had to say about your SHOW???? Oh do so hope it went well for you.