Wednesday, 28 May 2008


This is Boardman's mill known as skeleton mill built in the 1890's as it is of open timber trestle design and has 8 bladed fantail and 4 double shuttered sails. In the distance is another mill rescued and restored from Ranworth and resited here on the marshes at How Hill.
This is Turf Fen mill built in the 1870's with brick tower and Norfolk boatshaped cap. It has the double scoop wheel used to drain the marshes for the development of farming.

Turf Fen mill again with one of the many boats for hire on the Broads.

Yesterday we went about 10 miles from home (if that) to Ludham bridge to walk alongside the river Ant to the 3 mills at How Hill. After 30 minutes (taking photos and the youngsters playing about) we still seemed to have the same to go seeing one of the mills on the horizon. Would not have minded but didnt fancy the walk back afterwards. So after returning to the bridge, visiting artists gallery located alongside, ice creams from the little shop (as the tea rooms were closed of all days Tues - the one and only day we visited!!!!).- got out the map and drove along little lanes around to How Hill. It was well worth it.

How Hill is a Trust which looks after Norfolk's heritage of windmills and has a lovely little cottage lived in by marshmen and their families called Toad Hole Cottage. Now used as a museum and Broads information centre. There are some 74 mills remaining in the Broads. Hope you enjoyed this little bit of history from Norfolk?? Sorry photos not better but it was a sultry damp misty day.


Robert A Vollrath said...

Wonderful post. I need to take more pictures when I go on movie shoots.
Clicking on the photos and exploring the scene was fun.

Samantha said...

Great photos you have taken here Joan. It has brought back some memories I can tell you! It has been such a long time since I have been to the Norfolk Broads on a holiday. The cloest we came was when my husband and I took our kids to the Wild Duck Haven Park in Great Yarmouth. However saying that, that must have been well over 5 years ago now!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

How nice Samantha for you to comment on a photographic entry I posted in May. Its good to know people visiting my blog take the trouble to go right back over the earlier posts. We feel really privileged living in this wonderful part of England.

I tried to bring up your blog by clicking on your name, but there seems to be a block on it.