Saturday, 10 May 2008


Its been such a wonderful week here in East Anglia (England) with a heat wave well up into the high 70's for May and not a cloud in the sky. Clive nipped out in the week to get me a large parasole (as I cant stay in the sun long) and came back with a huge orange and wood version. Lying under it and seeing the rich colour against the blue blue sky has been an artists (specially colourist) dream. You can see how huge it is by the size of the lounger in my sketch!!!

What a way to enjoy our garden - just a little taster next of three full blown pink peonies with reddish leaves. Despite my back I potted up lots of baskets and pots and half a wooden barrel
today and look forward to seeing all the summer plants grow from strength to strength to give me lots of subjects to paint. Although I have not had time to paint the peonies from life, I definitely will use the photo for something one day. Arent they gorgeous - must be nearly 7 inches across each bloom.


Claudia said...

Wonderful sketch, Joan! Enjoy the sun, your garden and your art!

"JeanneG" said...

Looks like a nice comfy place to relax.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Claudia - sure will
Jean - sure is.

Anita Davies said...

What a sweetie Clive is, this is gorgeous Joannie...Look fwd to spending a spell or two underneath it this summer.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Anita - when you coming then????