Saturday, 10 January 2009


This was an invite in wonderful Margaret Anne Storer Roche's recent post where she created a fun colour patterned design after her snowflakes and organic lacy patterns. Go over to see her wonderful work on .
So I thought I'd use my zentangle session last night and add colour to my meditative lines.

When I started adding colour with watercolour pencils it was with more intent than the original lines and it was fun waiting to see what effect each colour had on the design. Unfortunately, it began to stretch over the page and ended up scew whiff - so I cropped it and turned it to have a 'base' feeling - as a result we have a strange overall shape with ancient manuscripts, piano keys, spears and shields.

Must tackle another one but more organic intent from the start - as I love leaf and floral patterns. Thinking a little of such designs as William Morris and the paisley designs of yor.


Anita said...

It comes alive with colour, loses that graphic quality. Makes me think of ceramics and stained glass windows. It looks more three dimensional, domed almost.

RHCarpenter said...

The shield of a warrior-woman, beautifully created, Joan :) It does almost look domed and the color really adds another dimension (although you have to think about color now and how each one affects the other).

Sandra said...

Hi Joan
Good to see your completed painting of the Rising Sun Pub. Hope you are well
Sandra x

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Anita + Rhonda - Glad you like the difference the addition of colour makes. Been poorly (local English virus rushing around and grabbing unsuspected victims) and up most of night being ick. So spent this afternoon in the sitting room with Clive (watching football)creating another coloured circle.

Sandra - delighted to see your new post with the stunning elongated citiscapes. I left a message. Take a look folks by clicking on Sandra in the comments above - she is my clever local artist friend.

Margaret Ann said...

This is beautiful...very dimensional...I think it has an enameled feel about it...It also reminds me quite a bit of ancient Egyptian design motifs...especially the floral pattern in the lower right hand corner...very much like stylized papyrus...How fun!