Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Firstly, may I wish all American blog visitors a very happy day for your new President's inauguration ceremony and wish your nation peace and harmony under his direction.

As the morning dawned with a bright winter's day with blue sky, I decided to take up an offer I had from one of my workshop members to visit her in the next village to see her Chinese paintings today.
This is the name of the next village, but when you arrive in Norfolk you have to learn a new English language as I found out this was known locally as HOBIS!!

Walking on I came to the little church of Trinity, with a chimney sticking out the back. Can only assume they had a kitchen added at some time with fireplace.
Then I came across two interesting aspects of England I had to photo:
as I passed the centre for Girl Guides holidays and activities and then spied this very unusual timber used for a telegraph pole - I do like seeing such patterns created by nature.
Then before I got into the middle of the village there was a road warning sign before we turned the bend and came across the village ponds
Finally here are images of Audrey's lovely Chinese work hanging in her converted barn. She had studied with Diana Kan whilst living in New York.
During the coming year we shall be working together on floral watercolours but with this ability as her starting point she will easily master the techniques very quickly I am sure.


debwardart said...

I have been watching your blog for a while (reference from Rhonda Carpenter's blog) and enjoy your paintings as well as the lovely way you write! Now I can enjoy the English countryside, too!
Good luck with the Yupo - for first try your painting looks great!
Thank you for posting your friend's Chinese paintings - they are beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your floral paintings posted soon.

RHCarpenter said...

Many of us are so happy today, and we are glad the world shares our joy! Those water lilies are so ethereal! Just lovely and a great little trip to an English village I'll never see another way. Thanks for sharing!

coffee said...

Happy Inauguration, rock on Obama!

Anita Davies said...

Oh the lilies are just gorgeous aren't they Joannie...Thanks for sharing them!

Robert A Vollrath said...

Very nice post. Love the little corners of England you show us.

Change is always good for America.

The Chinese paintings are wonderful.

E-J said...

And for some reason, Bevois Valley in Southampton is pronounced "Beevis", and Beaulieu is "Bewly" ... *scratches head* What a waste of all those French lessons. :)

Yupo looks intriguing! And your artichokes in the previous post look remarkably three dimensional. Lovely work.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Glad you all enjoyed my walk in the countryside - took about 40 mins from home, down the hill through centre of my own village and then on into Hautbois, stopping quite often for photos - took more than I posted.

Margaret Ann said...

What a lovely corner of the world ...thanks for sharing...i love to see where all my blogging friends call home! :) Gorgeous paintings...what fun you will have! :)