Monday, 5 January 2009


Do you remember I started an oil painting of the local riverside pub from a photo I took last May, and now with Christmas and New Year celebrations over, I have returned to it. This is the stage so far. Pleased with the finish of the trees and sky. I still have to add the little wooden bridge on the right, the garden tables and people eating and wandering around, add white for the pub window frames and improve the building on the left with the dark panelling and its reflection.

Hoped to get a few hours with it today but just returned from a visit to the opticians and I have gone very snazy ordering a pair of VOODOO glasses made from a very smooth quite thick surface with a floral motif on the sides to get away from my slim metallic ones which are beginning to make the bridge of my nose sore and feel quite sharp. Cant wait for them to be ready - or for Anita to see them on me !! mad woman that I am - what a choice at my age!!??

Im really enjoying working in oils as a change from all those recent penwork zentangles.


RHCarpenter said...

Reminds me of the song, Little Pink Houses, by John Mellencamp :) Looking good so far, Joan. I, too, got my eye exam today but didn't pick out new glasses yet (was getting tired and hungry and a bit migraine-ish from all the lights flashing in my eyes so wanted to wait until I felt better before making a commitment). You'll have to take a photo with your new ones!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

I already planned that and to update my profile photo. Sorry about your migraines - I had a session of them over the weekend for some unknown reason... but the opticians tests didnt bother me I'm glad to say.

Sandy Maudlin said...

It's so cool how versital you are, switching mediums so easily and so well. Looking forward to seeing the final outcome of this delightful painting. I'm doing glasses on Wednesday...gotta stay in with the group!

Anita said...

What size is this. For all that detail it must be quite big. Lovely reflections in the water.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Sandy - oil was my first serious medium way back when I was in my early 30s and I still love it - especially now there are such products as low odour thinners. Now glass I have hardly ever tackled as a separate genre - cant wait to see what you do and your oh so helpful process advice.

Anita - its from a pack of 12 x 24 inch box canvases I purchased so reasonably before Christmas.

Anita Davies said...

It's gorgeous Joannie, the foliage is wonderful and that glow on the buildings is to die for!

Ooooooooh snazzy glasses....Can't wait to see them.

Yes...I agree...You ARE mad.

...and I love you for it!!!! x

carol said...

So, will it be the Dame Edna look? How cool are you!

Your Coltishall (?) painting is looking like a best-seller for the tourists visiting the Broads. Love the foliage and sky.

Margaret Ann said...

Dame Edna...Oh Noooo! LOL :)

What an idyllic spot! And...what a charming beauty this piece the pinks! :)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

The specs seem to have grabbed your interest folks!! More like Lady Joannie than a drag queen dame - I hope!! You're getting me all worried now. Anyway we will all have to wait until they are ready before I reveal the new me.

Yes Carol - it is a river scene in my own village of Coltishall less than five minutes walk from our home.
Glad you all like how the oil painting is progressing.