Monday, 12 January 2009


Very gentle and quiet for bold me - now I'll tell you why:
Friday I felt a bit off colour and put it down to having the flu jab the previous day. Saturday wasnt much better and then after a delicious bolognaise cooked by my culinary expert husband and sharing of a bottle of Claret , I was violently sick three times and passed out!!! Then once Clive had got me to bed it started all over again at 1.30 in the morning. Yuch!!
So Sunday afternoon I decided on a quiet time in comfort in our sitting room with Clive (who was watching Man United and Chelsea) and got together my watercolour pencil box, a new larger sketchbook with better quality paper and my pens. I was 'away' not with the fairies but the flowers and created the above. Based the shape on the previous one of a circle within a circle plus the quarter shield/petal shapes to see how different it becomes under different circumstances. I added the butterfly last of all in the middle which I had left blank until the end - because there is one stuck on one of the windows I could view from my armchair. By the time I added pear and apple I think I was feeling a wee bit hungry but did the sensible thing and only had a cup of good old English tea.!!


anita said...

hope you are feeling much better now - I knew there was a good reason I refuse to have that flu shot!
My first impression was of summer gardens when I saw this. Very pretty and I love the chequered edge (shows at the top) - there is so much to see in these. how big are they?

Sherry said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry you were under the weather. Your design is charming, sort of a circle of wishes, I imagine. Those zentangles strike me as being a sort of psychological thermometer, taking the temperature of what you are feeling.

Robert A Vollrath said...

I do love these zentangles. Like artifacts of a lost world known only to your imagination.

Minutes before I read this post my mother and I were talking about why the two of us have been sick most of our lives.

I feel its a test of the power of our imaginations.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Anita - I dont in fact think it had anything to do with the flu jab as there is a rather persistant virus travelling round the UK at the moment.
Robert - So you telling me Robert I was sick so I could relax into this creation from my imagination ?? Rather have just a headache to stimulate the muses thankyou very much!!!. It was a horrid time.
Sherry - how right you must be as I felt very weak and wan to bring out these soft gentle colours. Like your image of yourself in that pretty hat. I've just commented on your YUPO posts.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Hey Anita - I tried to leave message on your blog but not available for some reason. The circles are either 6 or 7 inches diameter. This way you can accomplish them from start to finish in less than couple of hours of fun relaxing time.

Teri C said...

Welcome to the world of 'Hooked on Zentangles' Maybe we should start a group. :)

This is so soft and pretty.

Margaret Ann said...

Really, really beautiful Joanie! I love the gentleness and whimsical side of this...I am ticked that you are enjoying these zentangle inspired pieces so!
OOOh I hope you are feeling better with each tick of the clock...Hugs to you!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Teri - I feel there are many out there zentangling away quite merrily and we are so lucky that so many post them on their blogs for us to enjoy. Such variety. Loved your kite shape lacy one and your detailed description of your process from one design to another.

Margaret - see what you started in my house - I think I'll get the grandchildren to have a go next time we are together. .. but I must get down to some other work.... but they are so addictive!! Thanks for your hugs - I could feel the comfort straight away.

RHCarpenter said...

So lovely and fresh, Joan. I really like this one even if you were feeling awful while working on it. Do hope you're better now.

Monique said...

Hi Joan

Let me join the group of admirers who see your work/art as originak and fresh. I like your selection of themes, the palet, the variety of shapes, the apparent-ease, their inspiration for my own creations. I execute them on board books - well gessoed. I tried the "tulip" with oil pastels - being a beginner I had to switch to my beloved Pritt crayons. WOold you recommend to use watercolours for other floral zentangles...yours of course. This summer I will have to go for surgery...I will bring some easy knitting and your zentangles to numb the pain and the boredom. But for no, I will carry one of your z zentangle in my portable kit to be used in waiting rooms, plane, hardersser, coffee shop and public transporation. Thank you for your contribution to ART. Monique

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

How kind of you Monique. Sad to say I could not open your own blog to comment, so hope you check back to mine. I often draw with soluble ink pens (you can get colours in the Stabilo fineliner range) and a mix of water soluble pencils either Inktense or watercolour, plus a filled waterbrush to spread like a wash is good. It makes for ease of travelling as you don't have to find any water. Working at home using watercolours and brush is quick to fill an area. Good luck with the op. Let me know how you get on. Direct email might be helpful for you: