Thursday, 1 January 2009


As in the last post, the main image wont enlarge, so I have added a couple of closeup extracts for you.

I came to my study this afternoon to get on with the oil painting I had started way before Christmas of the local pub by the river and the surrounding area .. but you've guessed it I
opened my new spiral sketchbook I have set aside to do regular zentangles as a New Year project and finished this circular version.
I had simply drawn out lots of different sized circles overlapping each other within one large circle and I just got on with filling in the rest of the circles I had'nt finished yesterday - voila here it is. Very organic again - but thats whats inside me creatively I suppose.
Its 5 inches diameter and drawn with Hi-Techpoint V5 black and Faber Castell 0.5 black pens.
The straight dotted line on the left is part of the spiral binding of the sketchbook which I could not avoid when I scanned it. Its great fun - why dont you have a go.


Sandy Maudlin said...

these are so cool and inspiring. I will have to give them a try for sure. Happy new year. Keep up the beautiful work!

Anita said...

I followed your answer to Robyn Sinclair's blog and found this wonderful drawing! I am totally intrigued! Lovely sketchbooks too! What a super blog!

"JeanneG" said...

These are such fun. Who knew when we doodled that they had a name. Yours are much prettier than mine. Mine tend to be more random. Love the shapes you get and the one with inner circles is probably my favorite.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Sandy - cant believe I have inspired YOU to try something new. Its always the other way round. Thanks for popping in.
Anita - great to meet an Anita from across the water - have popped into you blog and left message.
Jeanne - I suppose I cheat a bit for zentangles by placing in shapes to fill in or develop rather than just meandering around the page - but it helps me get started. I too prefer the circle effort most.

E-J said...

Zentangles are so absorbing to do - and to look at! And although I realise there is technically no "correct" way to do them, I have to say, you're very good at them, Joan. Really love all these recent creations of yours!