Sunday, 4 January 2009


Can't seem to leave these creations alone - my pens and special zentangle sketchbook are by my bedside. Its almost the way to get one into a slumber mood to have a good nights sleep. This one was achieved last night - but not at 2 am this time!!
Started with the catherine wheel white shape at the bottom and moved on from there - I spy a rope, a squashed tube of paint, a gourd, a bird's wing, a chequerboard and ribbons holding the egg together. None really intentional - even the final shape of the egg came at the very end. Lost a little bit of the curve on bottom left as it was right up to the edge of the page.
Bet all those psychologists out there could read a lot into these various images. Ive decided not to think too deeply just enjoy the process.


Anita said...

I see Tropical gardens, meolns and palms. Have you thought about doing this on three dimensional object?

RHCarpenter said...

Very nice, Joan. I like the half empty tube of paint and the rope very much :) Things do just happen with these doodles - one goes into a meditative state and before you know it hours have passed.

Dianne said...

Dear Joan, I love these zentangles of yours! Where does the word come from and how are they created?
Love Dianne x x

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Dianne - I first found ref to zentangle in other people's blogs, but for me it goes back many years when a colleague used to create black and white squiggles of any images put together to interpret friends. She probably never put a name to her style of working. As regards creation, its almost a meditation - grab a sketchbook and a pen and simply start making marks or lines all over the page. Then I simply find a shape created by accident and develop with circles, boxes, squirly things and sort of negative shading to create even more images. I just keep going without much thought and then have to eventually stop to get some sleep as I do them at night in bed!!!!

Dianne said...

Dear Joan, thanks for the detailed description! I think I am going to have a go, I love doodling!

徵信社 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.